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CD "The Cosmocinesy"


Qantice's first album: The Cosmocinesy

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10 Tracks

Total Running Time: 52'46''


With it’s debut album “The Cosmocinesy”, QANTICE is leading us into the maze of a futuristic tale where each track is a fiery painting of Symphonic Metal. The fanciful compositions allow the expression of many classical or celtic musicians within epic and spirited movie-like orchestrations.
In this album, guitarist/composer Tony Beaufils, mostly known in the francophon world for belonging to “le Naheulband” (parodic folk/medieval/heroic fantasy band) delivers the result of more than seven years of original and meticulous artistic work.Having notably gathered the enchanting voice of Vince (Agone Angel, Lands Of Past) and the talented violin of Yosh Otias (first violin in the French symphonic orchestra "L'Odyssée Symphonique"), QANTICE also benefited from the confirmed producer skillsof Kevin Codfert (Adagio, Venturia, Myrath...).
Thus, with this first album of unbridled imagination and technique, QANTICE is inviting all the fans of Rhapsody Or Fire, Angra, Stratovarius, Avantasia, Yngwie Malmsteen or Kamelot to discover new skies and be carried away by new worlds...

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CD "The Cosmocinesy"

CD "The Cosmocinesy"

Qantice's first album: The Cosmocinesy

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