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Christine Lanusse

- Birthday: 14/01/1982

- Instruments: Bass & classical guitar

- Also member of: Brain Collapse, Jean Fontanille

- Favorite bands or artists: Maurice Ravel, Toto, Protest the Hero, Gordian Knot, Scale the Summit, Klone, Meredith Monk, Cynic, Textures, Symphony X, Blind Guardian, John Dowland, Steve Reich, Opeth, Angra, Steve Vai, Dave Larue, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Gojira, Pink Floyd, Tears For Fears, Patrice Rushen

- Favorite albums (or classical pieces): Concerto en Sol & ma mère l'oye - Maurice Ravel, Forteress - Protest the Hero , Close to the Edge - Yes , Book of Days - Meredith Monk, Drawing Circles - Textures, Passion & Warfare - Steve Vai, The Odyssey - Symphony X, Holy Land - Angra, Nightfall in Middle Earth - Blind Guardian, the Dreamers' Hideaway - Klone, Live Alchemy - Dire Straits, The Seeds of Love & Raoul & the Kings of Spain - Tears for Fears, Fahrenheit - Toto

- Films/fictions/series: Hard to chose! I'd say Blade Runner, Heavy Metal, Brazil, or Ghost in the Shell, cosmos 1999, the prisonner (the old one), Battlestar Galactica (the new one); SF & Fantasy in general

- Readings: Frank Herbert's , Asimov's, John Christopher's … SF/Fantasy all the way & art books

- Food/drinking: Pizza with cheese & piment d'Espelette, beer, soup, and anything made with cheese, tea, Indian chaï, I don't like meat much and I'm into all these expensive hippie organic food and non industrial stuff (damn hippies, yeah I know hehe)

- Favorite places: I love the Pyrenees and the Basque country so much, but I've also seen so much beautiful places around the world; difficult to chose. I know one thing : I love landscapes with mountains

- Hobbies: Photography, hiking, contemporary art, reading, watching movies & documentaries, cross country skiing, laughing with friends.
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